Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video Introducing the UGS and Guardian Adventures Programming

    2. Guard Up, Inc. Statement of Copyright and Course Use Policy:

    1. The Basics of Role Playing Games (RPGs) and the Universal Game System (UGS)

    2. The Basics of Role-Playing Games

    3. The Basics of the GA Universal Gaming System

    4. Safety: Our #1 Priority

    5. Game Rules and Mechanics Reference Document for Instructors

    6. 1. Overview Self-Check

    1. Chapter Two: Brave New Worlds

    2. Introduction to Story Worlds - Ethos

    3. Intro to theming - Why Theming Matters

    1. Chapter Three: Player Mechanics

    2. Player Groups: Why Players Join the Game

    3. Character Classes: How the Players Approach the Game

    4. Character Skills: What the Players Do in the Game

    5. Character Skills: Advanced Discussion of Combat, Hinder, Information and Support Skills

    6. Character Sheets

    7. Groups, Classes, and Skill Review -- Cheating with the Reference Document encouraged!

    1. Chapter Four: Story Mechanics

    2. Allies and Antagonists

    3. Scenes and Immersion

    4. Character Advancement and Reward: Why the Players Keep Coming Back

    5. Optional Rewards

    6. Chapter Four: Quiz

    1. Chapter Five: Running the Game

    2. Assisting Players Through the Narrative

    3. Bringing It All Together: Constructing a Narrative and Building a World

    4. Running a Battle in the UGS Online --- Have At You!

    5. Mock Online Play-through and Battle Mechanics

    6. Chapter Five: Quiz

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