Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Introduction

    2. Guard Up, Inc. Statement of Copyright and Course Use Policy:

    3. How To Use The UGS Game Mechanics Materials

    4. UGS Game Mechanics Reference Manual

    5. What's Included in the UGS (and Additional Options)

    6. What Is Role Play and Immersion?

    7. Honoring the Game: A Sample Guide for Players

    8. What Does a Typical UGS Adventure Look Like?

    9. Guardian Adventures Support

    1. Physical Safety: Online and Offline

    2. Emotional Safety: Online and Offline

    3. COVID & Other Illness Safety Concerns

    1. UGS Adventure Pre-Planning Basics

    2. How Much Time Do I Need To Prepare?

    3. Roles for Running UGS Adventures

    4. Overview of Physical Space and Scene Building Elements

    5. Scene Building, Lighting, and Sound

    6. Materials: Props, Scenery, and Costuming

    7. Theming in the UGS

    1. Online Adventure Instructor Roles & Ratios

    2. Technology Recommendations

    3. Online Material Requirements (Scenes, Props, and Costumes)

    1. UGS Game Mechanics Overview

    2. Player Groups & Skills

    3. Character Classes and Skills

    4. UGS Skills List

    5. Character Advancement

    6. Character Creation

    1. Stamina and Skill Points Overview

    2. Stamina and Basic Stamina Use

    3. Skill Points and Their Use

    4. How (and When) Do PCs Spend Skill Points?

    5. Tracking Skills, Ranks, and Levels

    6. Where Can Skills Be Used?

    7. Suggested Accrual of Skill Points with Examples

    8. Optional Rewards

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