Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video Introducing Guardian Adventures Modules

    2. Guard Up, Inc. Statement of Copyright and Course Use Policy:

    1. Chapter One: Universal Gaming System Review

    2. Review of UGS System

    3. Review of UGS Character sheet

    4. Chapter One: Quiz

    1. Chapter Two: Story Themes

    2. Intro to Themes

    3. Overview of Wilderness Protector Theme: Groups and Classes

    4. Wilderness Protector Skills: What Your Players Can Do

    5. Wilderness Protector Allies and Antagonists: The People in Your World

    6. Wilderness Protector Allies and Antagonists Character Description Slideshow (optional)

    7. Chapter Two: Quiz

    1. Chapter Three: Story Module Materials

    2. Tour of Story Module Document

    3. PowerPoint Presentation Storytelling: How we use Google Slides to Tell a Story

    4. "The Tower" Powerpoint Presentation (the game)

    5. Chapter Three: Quiz

    1. Chapter Four: The Tower

    2. The Tower: Part 1 Introduction, Pre-game, and Exposition

    3. The Tower: Part 2 Travel to “The Tower”

    4. The Tower: Part 3 and 4 Approaching “The Tower” and the first break

    5. The Tower: Parts 5 - 7 The First Room, Second Room, and the last break

    6. The Tower: Parts 8 and 9 The Final Room and Finishing the Adventure

    7. The Tower: Mock Play-through

    8. The Tower: Troubleshooting and Augmenting the Game

    9. Chapter Four: Quiz

    1. Outro Video: Thank You and Good Luck!

    2. Marketing Materials

    3. Wilderness Protector: The Tower (ONLINE) Assets

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